"The Cleanest Area Rugs in the Santa Monica Areas"

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Light Rug Cleaning: to be done in your home or at our shop.

  1. First, we pre-test your rug to assure that it can be cleaned

  2. We pre-spray the rug with a neutral PH cleaning agent

  3. We rinse the rug with a low moisture, warm water solution, making sure that the rug is left fairly dry when we are done.

Rug cleaning in your home is for minorly soiled rugs and won't remove odors or severe soils. Fringe is not cleaned with the light rug cleaning process.

Full Service Area Rug Cleaning: to be done at our shop.

  1. First, we pre-test your rug to assure that it can be cleaned

  2. Lay the rug face down on a grid mat and gently beat the soils with a rug duster vacuum to thoroughly remove dry soils before cleaning

  3. Gently agitate the rug with soft brushes or a shampoo machine to loosen soil

  4. Your rug is immersed in a neutral PH cleaning bath

  5. Fringe is hand brushed and washed

  6. Last, your rug is dried with turbo dryers in our dehumidified room

We will pre-test all rugs for color fastness BEFORE cleaning. Some rugs that are not colorfast (particularly silk and some wool) may need to be dry cleaned. Wool and cotton are NOT as stain resistant as nylon or olefin fibers that most installed carpet is made from. Therefore, wool and cotton may have permanent stains that cannot be removed with cleaning. Fringe will be hand cleaned as best as possible .

Benefits of Full Service Cleaning versus light cleaning We can spend more time soaking your rug if necessary with the full service cleaning. We can even perform a second or third cleaning if needed. A hand washing reduces moth larvae that eat up wool rugs. Excessively soiled rugs and/or rugs with odors problems particularly benefit from this service.

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